New cooperation with Total Movement!

FotoReza is proud to announce the new cooperation with Total Movement ! FotoReza will be the official photographer of Total Movement.
The contract is for one year and after that it can be renewed for more years.
We are looking forward to this cooperation !

They like to describe themselves as:

“For more than two decades we provide all of our athletes the comprehensive solutions that include precisely planed, monitored and executed training, recovery, regeneration and nutritional coaching and support. Our expertise covers multiple scientific areas that we need to tailor the program for each unique individual.
We have built, organised and leaded systems, programs and facilities for physical performance enhancement and athletic development for many clubs, sports federations, governmental and non-governmental institutions.
We have created our facility in Sittard, the place where everything is possible! Our facility is big enough and equipped enough to host big groups of athletes, but small enough and warm enough to make you feel at home!”

Athletes, sports federations and clubs that have worked with Total Movement:

TM Individual Athletes

Andrea Lekic

Inger Smits

Dragana Cvijic

Milena Raicevic

Maaike Brandwagt

Kay Smits

Jorn Smits

Luc Steins

Alec Smit

Duncan Postel

Erik Blauw






Limburg Lions Man Handball Team

Veszprem Man Handball Team

Dalfsen Women Handball Team

RTC Limburg Handball

Man Handball Academy (2012-2016)

U21 Man National Handball Team of the Netherlands (2013-2017)

Nederlands Handbal Verbond

Serbian Handball Federation


Cycling and Mountain Biking

Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie

Sabrina Stultiens,  Milan Vader, Sophie von Berswordt

National Talent Center Mountain Biking (2013-2017)



Nederlandse Triathlon Bond

National Training Center Triathlon, Sittard, the Netherlands

The Netherlands Junior and Senior Triathlon National Teams’ Members

The Netherlands Junior and Senior Para-Triathlon National Teams’ Members



Fortuna Sittard

RODA JC Kerkrade

RTC Limburg Women Soccer Program

RTC Limburg Man Indoor Soccer Program



Nederlandse Basketball Bond

Senior Man National Team (2008-2012) and (2016-2018)

All National Teams of the Netherlands (2008-2012)

Basketball Academy Leiden, NL (2011-2018)

Man Basketball Team Eiffel Towers Den Bosh, NL (2009-2012)

Man Basketball Academy Eiffel Towers Den Bosh, NL (2009-2010)

Man Basketball Team Spirou Charleroi (2006-2007) and (2008-2009)

Belgium Man National Basketball Team (2006)

Cleveland Cavaliers

Man Basketball Team Verviers Papinster (2005-2006) and (2008-2010)



Spring Board and Platform Diving

CTO Eindhoven Diving Program (2010-2017)

Senior National Team of the Netherlands (2010-2017)



RTC North Brabant Rowing Program (2013-2017)



CTO Eindhoven Judo Program (2010-2014)

Lisa Mullenberg – Youth OG Gold Medalist 2014



Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie

The Netherlands Trampoline Man and Women National Teams’ Members


Sport Climbing

CTO Eindhoven Sport Climbing Program (2010-2012)

Koninklijke Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsportvereniging


Many individual basketball, volleyball, football and tennis players, skiers, etc.



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